Analysis forms and methods of Land forces in modern conditions, influencing the development of weapons and equipment, means of support. preparation of technicians and identify their future solution

M. Seredenko, R. Kyzmenko, R. Khorev, L. Kizlo
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On the basis of the analysis application units (units) Land Forces in the zone of antiterrorist operation the use of weapons and military equipment, means of logistics in modern terms, taking into account the practical experience gained in the course of the troops Antiterorestychna operation. Training of the driver and car drivers developed proposals set out directions and ways to solve them and improve.

The basic measures to provide the Army with modern weapons military equipment, means of logistics, improvement of professional training of technical staff in accordance with the characteristics of units training the Army by the standards of training, the new system and training programs during the academic year for further use in performing a combat mission.

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Military Technical Collection, 2017, № 16, ISSN 2312-4458