Ukrainian army adopted the Phoenix-1 radar, which will become the eyes of the Buk-M1 missile system

РЛС Фенікс-1

The Armed Forces of Ukraine adopted a 3-D air surveillance radar 80K6KS1 "Phoenix-1" on modern solid-state modules and the use of digital antenna grid technologies.

The new radar will be the eyes of our anti-air defense divisions that are armed by anti-aircraft missile complexes "Buk-M1" and departments of radio engineering troops of air forces.

3-D air surveillance radar 80K6KS1 "Phoenix-1" has developed a Scientific-Production Complex "ISKRA" on the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran said that "Phoenix-1" is a modern development that allows automated to identify and recognize state affiliations, classes and types of air objects, as well as establish a source of active noise obstacles. Due to the connection to a single intelligence-impact system will increase the effectiveness of air defense tools and affecting air targets.

For increased mobility Radar, all the equipment is placed on one vehicle.

The test of the new radar ended in June 2021.

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