Ukrainian Ground Forces

Емблема Сухопутних військ

Ukrainian Ground Forces (Ukrainian: Сухопутні війська) is a part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ground Forces structure

нарукавна емблема Командування СВ ЗСУ
Ground Forces Command

rocket and artillery
• 19th Rocket Brigade, Khmelnytskyi
• 15th Rocket Artillery Regiment, Drogobych
27th Rocket Artillery Brigade, Sumy
• 38th Artillery Brigade, Divychki
• 43rd Artillery Brigade, Divychki
• 107th Rocket Artillery Brigade, Kremenchuk
army aviation
• 8th Army Aviation Command Post
• 11th Army Aviation Brigade, Kherson
• 12th Army Aviation Brigade, Novyi Kalyniv
• 16th Army Aviation Brigade, Brody
• 18th Army Aviation Brigade, Poltava
• 57th Aviation Base (regulations, repair, storage and disposal)
other units
• President Regiment, Kyiv
• Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy, Lviv
• Military Academy, Odesa
• Military Institute of Tank Troops, Kharkiv
• 169th Training Center, Desna
• 197th NCO Training Centre, Desna
• 205th Training Center for Tactical Medicine, Desna
• other units
загальний для командування СВ
Land Forces Training Command

загальний для командування СВ
Territorial Defense Command

загальний для командування СВ
Land Forces Logistics Command

емблема ОК Захід
Operational Command 'West'

• 10th Mountain Asault Brigade, Kolomyia
• 128th Mountain Asault Brigade, Mukacheve
• 14th Mechanized Brigade, Volodymyr-Volynskyi
• 24th Mechanized Brigade, Yavoriv
44th Artillery Brigade, Ternopil
• 39th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Volodymyr-Volynskyi
• 130th Reconnaissance Battalion, Rivne
• 146th Command and Intelligence Center, Rivne
• Regional Center for Electronic Surveillance, Brody
• 55th Signal Regiment, Rivne
• 346th Communications Unit, Rivne
703rd Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence), Sambir
• 146th Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Zolochiv
• 201st Separate Electronic Warfare Company, Kostopil
• 436th Separate Electronic Warfare Unit, Lviv
• 111th Settlement and Analytical Station, Rivne
• 182nd Separate Supply Battalion, Berezhany
• 224th Separate Automobile Battallion, Shepetivka
• 394th Separate Maintenance Battalion, Rivne
• 233rd Training Range, Nova Lubomyrka
• 90th Artillery Base of Ammunition, Chudniv
• 100th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Lutsk
• 101st Brigade of Territorial Defense, Uzhhorod
• 102nd Brigade of Territorial Defense, Ivano-Frankivsk
• 103rd Brigade of Territorial Defense, Lviv
• 104th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Rivne
• 105th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Ternopil
• 106th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Khmelnytskyi
• 107th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Chernivtsi
• other units
емблема ОК Північ
Operational Command 'North'

• 1st Tank Brigade, Honcharivske
• 30th Mechanized Brigade, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 58th Infantry Brigade, Sumy
• 72nd Mechanized Brigade, Bila Tserkva
• 26th Artillery Brigade, Berdychiv
• 1129th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Bila Tserkva
• 54th Reconnaissance Battalion, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 90th Command and Intelligence Center, Chernihiv
• Regional Center for Electronic Surveillance, Chernihiv
• 5th Signal Regiment, Chernihiv
• 367th Communication Unit, Chernihiv
• 12th Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence), Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 50th Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Huiva
• 20th Separate Electronic Warfare Battalion, Zhytomyr
• 107th Settlement and Analytical Station, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 134th Separate Maintenance Battalion, Chernihiv
• 181st Separate Supply Battalion, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 226th Separate Automobile Battallion, Berdychiv
• 242nd Training Range, Honcharivske
• 1322nd Artillery Base of Ammunition, Ushomyr
• 112th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Kyiv
• 114th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Brovary
• 115th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Zhytomyr
• 116th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Poltava
• 117th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Sumy
• 118th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Cherkasy
• 119th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Chernihiv
• other units
емблема ОК Південь
Operational Command 'South'

• 28th Mechanized Brigade, Chornomorske
• 56th Infantry Brigade, Melitopol
57th Infantry Brigade, Nova Kakhovka
59th Infantry Brigade, Haisyn
• 40th Artillery Brigade, Pervomaisk
38th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Chornomorske
131st Reconnaissance Battalion, Gushhynci
• 91st Command and Intelligence Center, Krasnosilka
• Regional Center for Electronic Surveillance, Krasnosilka
• 7th Signal Regiment, Odesa
• 64th Communication Unit, Odesa
• 16th Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence)
• 31st Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Podisk
• 23rd Separate Electronic Warfare Company
• 108th Settlement and Analytical Station
• 183rd Separate Supply Battalion, Balta
• 225th Separate Automobile Battallion, Balta
• 363rd Separate Maintenance Battalion, Odesa
• 235th Training Range, Myhailivka
• 1513rd Artillery Warehouse of Ammunition, Bilenke
• 120th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Vinnytsia
• 121st Brigade of Territorial Defense, Kropyvnytskyi
• 122nd Brigade of Territorial Defense, Odesa
• 123rd Brigade of Territorial Defense, Mykolaiv
• 124th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Kherson
• other units
ОК Схід
Operational Command 'East'

• 17th Tank Brigade, Dnipro
• 53rd Mechanized Brigade, Sievierodonetsk
• 54th Mechanized Brigade, Bakhmut
• 92nd Mechanized Brigade, Chuhuiv
• 93rd Mechanized Brigade, Cherkaske
• 55th Artillery Brigade, Zaporizhia
• 1039th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Hvardiiske
• 74th Reconnaissance Battalion, Cherkaske
• 188th Command and Intelligence Center, Dnipro
• 121st Signal Regiment, Cherkaske
• 368th Communication Unit, Dnipro
• 91th Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence), Okhtyrka
• 532th Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Cherkaske
• 502nd Separate Electronic Warfare Battalion, Cherkaske
• 102th Settlement and Analytical Station, Dnipro
• 78th Separate Supply Battalion, Kryvyi Rih
• 133rd Separate Maintenance Battalion, Dnipro
• 227th Separate Automobile Battallion, Kryvyi Rih
• 239th Training Range, Orlivshhyna
• 222nd Artillery Base of Ammunition, Rozsishky
• 108th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Dnipro
• 109th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Mariupol
• 110th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Zaporizhia
• 111th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Sievierodonetsk
• 113th Brigade of Territorial Defense, Kharkiv
• other units
загальновійськовий СВ
Reserve Corps

• 3rd Tank Brigade
• 4th Tank Brigade
• 5th Tank Brigade
• 60th Mechanized Brigade
• 61st Infantry Brigade
• 63rd Mechanized Brigade
• 66th Mechanized Brigade
• 38th Artillery Brigade
• 45th Artillery Brigade
• other units