Top 10 Deadliest Sniper Rifles

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In the world of guns, everyone has their unique opinion on which rifle shoots the best. The differences between calibers, bullets, grains, barrel length, weight and a number of other factors leave much debate for what makes a sniper rifle deadly. In this top 10 list, we compare these differences and arrange these rifles in order of what we believe to be the deadliest sniper rifles in the world.

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10. M40A3

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The M40 weapons (M40A1, M40A3, and M40A5) were created from the Remington 700 which were esentially used for hunting with a variety of calibers (.243, .270, .30-06 & more). USMC armorers then modified Remington’s flawless design to shoot 7.62×51 NATO. With the upgraded additions, the M40A1 is a simple, easy-to-use rifle effective up to 1,000 yards. Also, shooting the 7.62×51 NATO is an added benefit as these cartridges are cheap and were often available in bulk.

9. Knights Armament M110

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Gene Stoner, the creator of the popular M16, is the mastermind behind this semi automatic sniper rifle. The M110 was built similar to that of an M16 but with a few updates. The barrel length is longer and it shoots a 7.62×51 NATO round. Its effective range is roughly 800 yards. In addition to its familiar built to the M16, the M110 is a light weight weapon that supports a suppressor to minimize sound and muzzle flash.


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THe SABR was designed with the sniper in-mind. It can be used for both close and long ranged combat. It sports a 12 and 20 inch interchangable barrel. For close range combat the SABR can be equipped with a 12″ barrel, while long ranged combat requires a longer barrel that gives the bullets more accurancy. In these cirmstances, the SABR can be switched to a 20″ barrel. With the ability to change from short to long range combat, this rifle is perfect for multiple situation.

7. Stealth Recon Scout (SRS)

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The SRS is another sniper rifle that comes interchangeable with two different barrels (.308 & .338). In addition to the different sized calibers, the SRS is a bullpup. A bullpup rifle basically removes the old-style stocks and moves the feeding mechanism behind the grip and trigger (as seen in the picture above). This reduces the overall length of the gun while maintaining the full length of the barrel. Using the .308 round, this gun can be used for short to medium ranges while using the less expensive cartridge. If required, the barrel and bolt can be changed out to fire the .338 round, making it a very effective long-ranged sniper rifle.

6. Accuracy International AS50

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Accuracy International developed the AS50 sniper rifle for Navy Seals. The extreme engineering allows this gun to shoot in extreme circumstances, often in sandy or muddy environments. Its 5 roud magazine contains the large 50 caliber round in which the AS50 is capable of shooting in 1.6 seconds. The effective range is 1,500 meters.

5. McMillan TAC 50

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The Mcmillan TAC 50, also known as “Big Mac”, is a 50 caliber sniper rifle. It currently holds the record for the world’s longest “confirmed kill” shot. The TAC 50 is precision engineered to sling the incredibly large 50 BMG cartridge, the largest bullet used for military sniper rifles. Shooting this large round at effective ranges up to 1,800 meters, the TAC 50 is often used to take out engine blocks as well as personnel.

4. Barrett .416 Model 99

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Introduced in 1999, the Barrett Model 99 shoots a .416 (10.6×83mm) centerfire rifle cartridge. Being smaller than the .50 BMG, this bullet flies at a higher velocity because of its aerodynamics. While a 50 BMG carries more weight, this specially designed cartridge cuts through the air at faster speeds which reduces the sniper’s obsticles (wind speed, moisture and temperature). Its effective range is 2,600 meters (approximately 1.6 miles).


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AWSM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum) is a light-weight sniper rifle built to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is a bolt action sniper rifle that fires the .338 Lapua cartridge, which is the first round designed specifically for sniper rifles. The primary feature of the AWSM has de-icing features via the fluted bolt design. It fires in all weather conditions, every time with extreme accuracy. The effective range using its .338 round is just over 1,200 yards.

2. Barrett M107A1

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The Barrett M107 is a tried-and-true sniper rifle. However, its large length and overall weight made it quite the task for moving in and out of locations. With those issues in mind, Barrett redesigned the beloved .50 caliber with weight in mind, hence the M107A1. This is the latest version that dropped 5lbs in weight while still maintaining its deadly accuracy. In addition to the reduced weight, the M107A1 was designed to be used with a suppressor. Like other .50 Cal sniper rifles, this weapon can be used to take out engine blocks in vehicles as well as personnel up to 2,000 meters away.

1. Cheytac M200 Intervention

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Without a doubt, the world’s deadliest sniper rifle is the CheyTac M200. The flawless design pushes its .408 round down range well over 3,000 feet per second. The cartridge was designed for accuracy by balancing the linear and rotational drag, helping the bullet to fly flatter and farther. The CheyTac Intervention currently holds the world’s record for best group at a distance of 2,321 yards (3 bullets were fired within 16 & 5/8 inches). In addition to this record, the M200 was featured on the TV show “Future Weapons” where a former U.S. Navy SEAL hit a human-sized target at 2,530 yards, 3 out of 6 shots. Its effective range is roughly 1.4 miles.

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