Russian R-330Zh jammer detected 7 km from the contact line in Donbas

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The Russian R-330Zh Zhitel SIGINT and jammer system (entered service with the Russian army in 2008) and other Russian equipment have been spotted on the outskirts of the village of Zemlyane (Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine).

That was reported by InformNapalm.

The village is under the control of the Russian hybrid forces, and is situated only 7 km away from the line of contact, which runs in this area along the Siversky Donets river.

Aerial photography, geo-location and identification of R-330Zh

The volunteers of InformNapalm intelligence community analyzed aerial photographs exclusively provided by the volunteer aerial reconnaissance group of the Army SOS team and spotted this modern Russian jammer, as well a command vehicle on the KamAZ chassis. Both types of military equipment are operated by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The aerial photographs were taken in early November 2017. They provide yet another confirmation that Russia continues to control the occupied area. Despite international sanctions and diplomatic pressure, the Russian leadership continues to use its regular army against Ukraine.

Geotagging of the picture: coordinates 48°37’46.3″N 39°12’54.1″E. Click on the image to enlarge.

Ukrainian Military Pages Ukrainian Military Pages

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weaponry and equipment of the Russian army in Donbas

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