Britain moves to boost Ukraine’s naval chops

Великобританія допоможе підвищити бойовий потенціал ВМСУ

Britain is stepping up its military support in Ukraine with an announcement that the U.K. will lead a multinational maritime initiative to train the Ukrainian navy.

This was reported by Defense News.

During a visit to Ukraine on Aug. 17 British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed the Royal Navy is coordinating a training initiative which also involves Canada, Denmark and Sweden.

The training initiative will be complemented by U.S. security assistance support, said the British Ministry of Defence in a statement.

Other nations are expected to join the naval training effort, said the MoD.

The British-led training will focus on areas such as navigation, operational planning, military diving, sea surveillance, firefighting and damage control.

The Royal Navy also plans to deploy warships to the region later in the year, Wallace said.