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Alaska Military Shelter Systems for Ukrainian SOF

American Alaska military shelter systems for Ukrainian SOF

Today, February 21st, 2020, Major General Smith, Commander of US Special Operations Command in Europe, participated in the ceremony to hand over to the Ukrainian Training Center SOF a tent-compound delivered to Ukraine as part of US Assistance Initiative.

Ukraine shows its newest cruise missile in stunning detail

Огляд систем керування та алгоритмів роботи комплексу крилатих протикорабельних ракет РК-360МЦ Нептун

The Defense Express Media & Consulting Company has released new footage of the newest Ukrainian RK-360MTs Neptun coastal missile system with R-360 cruise missiles in stunning detail.

United States will hand over three more Island-class patrol boats to Ukrainian Navy

Три айленди передадуть Україні

On January 28, 2020, representatives of the Ukrainian Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard start negotiating in Odesa the transfer to Ukraine of more U.S.-made Island-class patrol boats.

132 Ukrainian soldiers killed, more than 700 wounded in Donbas over past year

Ukrainian soldiers

In 2019-2020, 132 Ukrainian servicemen and women were killed in Donbas, 716 more were wounded, Ukrinform reported.

The Ukrainian Army is expecting major reformatting - a plan for 10 years

ЗСУ - 2020: Жоден бойовий підрозділ не буде скорочений

Today, on January 11, 2020, the Ukrainian General Staff announced a plan to reform the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the next 10 years.

Ukraine will deliver to Turkey engines for combat drones worth more than $600 million

Ukraine will deliver to Turkey engines for combat drones worth more than $ 600 million

Zaporizhia Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise will deliver to Turkey engines for unmanned combat aerial vehicles worth more than $ 600 million by 2030.