Ukrainian Fort-17 pistol cal. 9 mm

Форт-17 Форт-17

The Fort-17 pistol cal. 9 mm Makarov is a personal weapon and intended for aimed fire at distances to 50 m. Fort-17 pistol became modern modification of Fort-12.

Manufacturer: Science Industrial Association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (SIA "Fort")

Lightweight, single-block, solid frame made of high quality polymer allows to keep firepower with small weight of the pistol. There is Picatinny rail on the front, lower part of the frame where it is possible to mount the tactical flashlight or laser designator.

Pistol “Fort 17” is also available for cartridges cal. 9 mm kurz and provides an additional modification for left-handed shooters.

Ukrainian Fort-17 Pistol cal. 9 mm

Technical characteristics (specifications) of the Fort-17
Caliber:9×18 mm Makarov / 9×17 mm kurz
Operation mode:Blowback operated
Ударно-спусковий механізм:одинарної та подвійної дії
Overall length (mm):179
Height (mm):131
Width (mm):35
Barrel length (mm):97
Weight with empty magazine (up to, kg):0,68
Magazine capacity (rds): 15 (9×18 mm) / 16 (9×17 mm)
Trigger pull force (kgf): 2,0-3,5
Initial speed of the bullet (m/s): 320 (9×18 мм) / 300 (9×17 мм)
Rate of shooting (rounds per minute): 40
Accuracy range (m): 25 (9×18 мм) / 30 (9×17 мм)
Rifling: 6 grooves

The Fort-17 pistol is used by the National Police of the MIA of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Служба безпеки України (СБУ); Sluzhba bezpeky Ukrayiny or SBU).

Форт-17 поліція Форт-17 поліція

Ukrainian Fort-17 Pistol cal. 9 mm

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