Ukrainian Fort-28 Pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm

Ukrainian Fort-28 Pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm

The Fort-28 pistol is a personal weapon and intended for aimed fire at distances to 100 m.

Manufacturer: Science Industrial Association “FORT” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The 5.7×28mm cartridge was developed in conjunction with the FN P90 personal defense weapon (PDW) and FN Five-seven pistol, in response to NATO requests for a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge.

Pistol "Fort-28" cal. 5,7x28 mm was developed in 2015. Fort-28 is differed by original design, usability and easy maintenance from its analogues. All elements are made of high-strength hardened steel and protected by durable plastic cover. The design of pistol "Fort-28" provides an indicator of cartridges availability in the barrel chamber.

Pistol is self-loading, trigger mechanism of which allows only single shot firing. Breech mechanism is intended for locking and unlocking of slide - delayed blowback with short recoil mechanism. Trigger mechanism is self-cocking and provides cocking and firing pin release while pressing the trigger.

The appearance of the pistol left and right sides are shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Ukrainian Fort-28 Pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm Ukrainian Fort-28 Pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm
Ukrainian Fort-28 Pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm

Frame is made of high-strength polymer and includes:

  • front plug with slide locking and unlocking mechanism and consists of restraining roller and pusher with spring;
  • back plug consists of interrupter, rod spring, rod roller, rocker.

Slide is made of metal, closed by slide cover (is made of high-strength polymer) which is holding by adjuster of slide cover. Slide contains:

  • barrel with cartridge chamber and charger;
  • recoil mechanism which consists of internal and external recoil springs, plug, recoil springs axis, recoil spring stop;
  • firing mechanism which consists of firing pin, firing spring, automatic safety with spring;
  • control cartridge existence mechanism which consists of indicator and spring;
  • extracting mechanism which consists of extractor with spring and extractor plunger placed in slide slot, and ejector in back plug of frame.

5,7-мм пістолет «Форт-28»

Caliber, mm:5,7х28
Operation mode:Semi-free bolt
Trigger mechanism:DAO (self-cocking only)
Length, mm:200
Height, mm:135
Width, mm:33
Довжина ствола, мм:114
Weight with an empty magazine, up to, kg:0,7
Місткість магазину, патронів: 20
Trigger pull force, kgf (H): 1,5-3,5 (15-55)
Average number of bullet velocity, m/s:600
Magazine capacity, rds:20


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