Putin wants to mobilize two million soldiers

Путін хоче мобілізувати два мільйона солдатів

The Russian Federation plans to mobilize not 300 thousand, but at least two million conscripts. At the same time, about half a million of them will not be sent to the Ukrainian front, according to the ex-Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexander Nossov.

Based on the analysis of open information and the tasks that Führer Putin sets before the Russian General Staff, not 300 thousand are subject to mobilization in Russia, but at least TWO million, Alexander Nossov wrote on Facebook.

About half a million mobilized soldiers will not go to the front, and will not even be sent to the western regions of Russia, but are intended to cover staff shortages in units, formations and associations located on a very large territory of the Eastern and Central Military Districts. In particular, along the borders with Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, as well as in Sakhalin and Kamchatka, the staffing of military units is on average up to 20% of the required personnel, and 30% of equipment and weapons, that is, the units are not combat-ready. Thus, by filling with human resources, the Moscow General Staff plans to cover the problems and report to Putin that their armed forces in the East are also combat-capable.