Main trends and development prospects of military radio relay communication

A. Kyshnir, K. Vasyta, S. Ozerov, A. Lytvyn, A. Severilov
Command of the Air Force of Ukraine, Vinnytsia
Kharkiv National Air Force University
Ukrainian Military Pages

The article outlines the prospects and considers the main trends in the development of radio relay communication in modern conditions.

The organizational, technological and technical foundations of its development are given, their content is disclosed.

The newest digital radio relay communications equipment being in service in the units and communications units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is considered from the perspective of the trends and prospects for the development of radio relay communication.

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Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, 2017, № 4(53) ISSN: 2073-7378 ISSN(Online): 2518-1661