The new priority of the Security Service is counter-intelligence and antiterrorist defense of the state

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President Petro Poroshenko is convinced that the Security Service of Ukraine had increased its professionalism and efficiency and can share the unique experience of combating the hybrid threat with the partner countries of Ukraine.

The President said this at festivities on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the establishment of the Security Service of Ukraine.

"As Head of State, I see that the Security Service is being changed, professionalism and effectiveness of the Service grow, and the Service increases the authority among the leading partner intelligence services. Today, the Service not only learns, but also teaches how to counteract the hybrid threat and sabotage attempts of Russian special services. It has something to share with its partners in the field of cybernetic security and countering information wars that are an important part of the Russian hybrid war," Petro Poroshenko said, adding that it's not a secret that Russia throws billions of dollars to finance its propaganda and disinformation capacities.

According to the President, this experience is of special significance not only for Ukraine, but also for countries - potential objects of Russian aggression. "And it is extremely important that our partners finally start to understand that. Because in 2014, this threat was called into question by many," he noted.

“The new priority of the Security Service is counter-intelligence and antiterrorist defense of the state. We will improve the counterintelligence regime with the involvement of other components of the security and defense sector of the state,” the President stressed.

Ukrainian Military Pages

Separately, the Head of State emphasized the strengthening of the analytical component of the Service, which was completely destroyed in 2013 and worked in the interests of Russia. "Now we have created the Situation Center for the detection and analysis of threats. The Institute of Operational Analysts has been set up. We are actively implementing the latest information technology," he said.

The Head of State congratulated the officers and employees of the Security Service on the 26th anniversary of the creation and thanked everyone for the service to Ukraine.

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