Thursday, December 5, 2019

Ukraine's Navy will be trained within the Operation Orbital

Ukraine's Navy will be trained within the Operation Orbital

Ukrainian Navy personnel to be trained within UK training mission ORBITAL. The British partners will share their naval experience in enhancing of the naval capabilities, taken into account the difficult situation in the Azov and Black Sea region.

To this end, representatives of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine held a meeting with the planning staff of the Permanent Joint Staff of the United Kingdom Armed Forces. During the meeting, both sides discussed the needs and criteria for the training of naval personnel, outlined the necessary directions for advisory assistance by a British group of instructors.

The Orbital training program began last year within the Navy. First of all, the British side has started training Marines, as Marines are being constantly deployed to the JFO area in the East of Ukraine. UK service personnel provided training and shared experience in such areas as tactical medicine, anti-sniper actions, disposal of explosive objects, practical actions in an urbanized area, conducting defensives and more.

"Our goal is to train not only Marines, but also crews of ships and boats. And in the future — naval aviation," First Deputy Commander of the Navy Rear Admiral Andriy Tarasov said.