Ukraine Army accepts for service new domestic-made large-caliber rifle Alligator (Video)

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have accepted for service a long-range magazine-fed anti-materiel 14.5×114mm rifle, Alligator. All of the rifle's parts have been produced in Ukraine.

This was reported by UNIAN citing DoD of Ukraine press service.

Alligator rifle specifications

  • Caliber: 14.5x114 mm;
  • Muzzle velocity: 980 mps;
  • Effective firing range: 2,000 m;
  • Maximum firing range: 7,000 m;
  • At 1,500, a bullet penetrates a 10-mm armor plate;
  • Length: 2,000 mm, barrel length: 1,200 mm;
  • Mass (without magazine and cartridges): 22.5 kg.

Developed by XADO Chemical Group.

A magazine-fed bolt-action rifle. Designed taking into account all the requirements for weapons for high-precision shooting. The box magazine is detachable, holds five rounds of ammunition.

The floating barrel is in free recoil during the shot. The rifle demonstrates an acceptable level of recoil during shooting. Recoil is suppressed due to the muzzle brake, the effect of a recoil isolator, and optimally balanced weight.

Snipex ALLIGATOR Photo credit: XADO Chemical Group

After the bolt is opened, the cartridge case is ejected from the right side through the receiver opening.

The receiver is made of steel, while the bolt guides inside the receiver are chrome-plated. The barrel bore and chamber are chrome-plated.

The bipod located on the sliding support of the barrel is height-adjustable, has four locking positions, and can be folded for transportation purposes.


The rifle has a height-adjustable cheek rest, which can be easily reinstalled on the right or left side relative to the axis of the rifle.

The rifle has a carrying handle. To carry the rifle with a silencer mounted, the position of the handle can be changed.

The cheek rest, butt plate, and the handles are made of modern wear-resistant polymer materials.

The surface of the rifle is covered with a special Сerakote weapon paint.

The rifle is easily disassembled for transportation in just a few minutes and then put into a regular rifle case.

Snipex ALLIGATOR Photo credit: XADO Chemical Group

Based on the state examinations results, the 14.5×114 mm caliber Snipex ALLIGATOR rifle has been adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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