Ukraine Builds AN-178- its First Transport Plane Without Russian Parts

Ukraine Builds An-178- its First Transport Plane Without Russian Parts

Ukraine’s Antonov Company has produced its first AN-178 transport plane without Russian components.

“This is the first plane without a single Russian part. We have been accused of not producing planes for several years. But with the beginning of the Russian military aggression in 2014, we lost not only the export market, but also the supply market for important components. It took some time to find import substitution and search for new suppliers,” Oleksandr Los, President of ANTONOV, said during in an interview with Ukrinform.

Two-thirds of the components are produced by the United States while remaining is manufactured locally, he added.

“We have carried out the project work on the replacement of Russian components at our own expense. In fact, extensive international cooperation was anticipated in 2010-2011 when the AN-178 project was developed. In 2015-2016, we simply continued this systematic work,” claims Oleksandr Los.

The AN-178 medium transport aircraft was created on the basis of ANTONOV’s vast experience in development of the transport aircraft in combination with the most innovative technologies. The AN-178 has to replace the AN-12 transports of the preceding generation in the market.

The AN-178 airframe and onboard equipment are 50-60% unified with the AN-148 and AN-158 aircraft. D-436-148FM jet engines installed on the AN-178 are the further development of the power plant used on the AN-148 and AN-158.

The AN-178 with a cargo door and a ramp in the tail section is intended for delivery of personnel, weaponry and light military vehicles, for transportation of material assets, mail and other cargoes in bulk, containerized and palletized freights. The maximum payload is 18 tons. In emergency situations the AN-178 is able to evacuate civilians from disaster areas, casualties at standard stretchers and airdropping of paratroop rescue teams.

An-178 completed its first flight in May 2015.

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