The state and perspectives of the develment of anti-aircraft missile armaments in the Air Force of Ukraine

D. Karpenko, Command of the Air Force of Ukraine, Vinnytsia
Ukrainian Military Pages - Стан та перспективи зенітного ракетного озброєння Повітряних Сил ЗСУ

Up-to-date state of anti-aircraft missile armaments (AAMA) of the Air Force of Ukraine was analyzed. Recommendations are presented as to ensure the necessary level of AAMA combat readiness for the medium term perspective. Basic directions for developing the AAMA are substantiated. Basic measures to ensure further improvement of AAMA have been listed for the time period of up to 2025.

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Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, 2017, № 2(27), ISSN 2223-456X ; 2518-1505