Kyiv Armored Plant transferred another batch of BTR- 3DA to the National Guard

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UKROBORONPROM SE “Kyiv Armored Plant” successfully carried out acceptance tests of the new batch of BTR-3DA, manufactured under the state defense order for the National Guard of Ukraine.

According to the results of acceptance tests – in accordance with the decision of a special commission of customer’s representatives – the batch of BTR- 3DA was transferred to the National Guard of Ukraine.

Tests were conducted in the presence of the customer at one of the proving grounds of Kyiv region. In the framework of the program, work of all systems of each fighting vehicle was tested in accordance with engineering and operational documentation.

BTR- 3DA marched along the roads and cross-country, overcoming trenches, track bridges and special obstacles, performed target kill, using standard weapon.

BTR-3DA is equipped with combat module “Sturm-M” with 30-mm ZTM-1, with a rate of fire of 330 rounds per minute. Targeting with modern digital laser complex with range finder and gun stabilizer ensure high accuracy of fire in all firing modes.

In addition, the combat module “Sturm-M” is equipped with a 7.62-mm machine gun and automatic grenade launcher, as well as the set of guided weapons “Barrier,” providing armor penetration not less than 800 mm- not including dynamic protection – at the distance of 5 km . This allows BTR-3DA crew to destroy any enemy armored vehicles.

In 2016 UOP SE ” Kyiv Armored Plant” manufactured for Ukrainian military more than fifty vehicles of new BTR-3. During 2016 the plant repaired about 140 armored vehicles and other types of heavy weapons. Most of those were repaired by the repair crews, restoring military equipment directly in the field conditions of ATO area.

The state enterprise “Kyiv Armored Plant” completed arrangement of a completely new plant for production of hulls for BTR-3.For this purpose the enterprise organized a modern assemble-welding production. Due to the new stage of production the plant has an opportunity to increase manufacture, reduce costs and lay a new technological potential of the enterprise.

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