Ukraine private company developing new infantry fighting vehicle

29.07.17 | updated 03.08.17
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Ukrainian Kort private company is developing a new infantry fighting vehicle, said the president of Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers (AUDM) Vadym Kodachyhov, during a roundtable discussion in Kyiv.

The new concept of infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) called TUR (Aurochs) based on MT-LB multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle. The Tur IFV is fully tracked, a light armored vehicle that offers signification improvements over the MT-LB series armored vehicles.

The Tur IFV will carry a crew of three (Commander, Gunner, and Driver) and an eight-man Infantry section into combat. The vehicle will to provide protected transportation and cross country mobility for crew and infantry. Armor of this vehicle provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

The crew, a driver and a commander/gunner sit in a compartment at the front of the vehicle, with the engine behind them. The troops enter and leave via a door in the hull rear.

The Tur IFV also can be equipped with a modern turret with 30mm automatic cannon and anti-tank missiles, to provide an enhanced level of survivability. The turret mounted in the center of the hull.

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