The Artillery Detachment Automated Control Vehicle

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The Artillery Detachment Automated Control Vehicle (1B25-1/1B25-2) is a mobile command-and-observation post for artillery detachment and is sntended for use as part of a MT&A facility.

Developed by LORTA Lviv State Plant SE.

Chasis can be produced in both full-track (self-propelled arillery pieces) and wheeled (trailer-mounted artillery pieces) options.

The Artillery Detachment Automated Control Vehicles 1B25-1 and 1B25-2 are part of the Obolon-A automated control complex.

This control vehicle in conjunction with other control vehicle (1B25-1 or 1B25-2), vehicle of the Chief of Staff of the Division 1B26-2 and vehicle senior officers of batteries 1B26-1 provides control of combat operations of the division.

Варіант компоновки частини технічних засобів на гусеничній платформі

This artillery detachment control vehicle is intended for the automatic execution of the following tasks:

  • Collecting data about artillery detachments;
  • Obtaining operational instructions and orders from the artillery senior officer;
  • Communicating the firing tasks p;anned and operational instructions to the artillery battalions units;
  • Determining ones own location and reference direction grid azimuths on continuous basis, performing the command-and-observation post location survey;
  • Carrying out reconnaissance by observation, determining range and azimuth, and hostile target location;
  • Arranging the preparation control for firing on targets, artillery barrage types, fire adjustments using various methods, and the determination of firing settings;
  • Providing the fire control when firing at targets/columns, and controlling barrage types and spotting.

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