Day of Airborne Forces will be celebrated on November 21

Ukrainian Military Pages

The President signed a decree to establish November 21 the Day of Airborne Forces of Ukraine.

“It is logical to celebrate your professional holiday on November 21. The usual August 2 is the date of the first jump of paratroopers in the Moscow Military District. How is it about us? Moscow is not Kyiv. As well as "Ukraine is not Russia," Petro Poroshenko said.

He noted that paratroopers had received new berets with a new symbol: “From now on, it is the parachute’s dome, as a symbol of paratroopers all over the world, the wings of Archangel Michael and the fiery sword with which he strikes enemies of the human race”.

The Head of State also informed on the decision to change the Soviet name of the Airborne Forces. “As Russian “VDV” have taken direct part in the occupation of the Ukrainian Donbas since summer 2014 and the Crimean “green men” are also them,” he stressed.

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