The KrAZ-6322 Master mobile workshop truck

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The KrAZ-6322 mobile workshop truck provided with recovery equipment is used for in-field maintenance and repair of motor and other vehicles.

The workshop truck is steadily operated under extreme natural, environmental and road conditions on all the continents within the temperature range from –50°C to +60°C at the altitudes up to 5 000 m above sea level, overcoming water barriers up to 1.5 m deep and snow cover up to 0.6 m.

Base chassis: КрАЗ-63221
Wheel arrangement: 6х6
Workshop curb weight: 16.1 t
Towed trailer permissible full mass:
  • on-the-road, off-the-road: 10 t
  • on highway: 30 t
Load carrying capacity: 9000 kg
Engine: diesel, turbocharged
Power: 300…400 hp
Top speed: 85 km/h
Clearance (fully loaded): 370 mm
Maximum gradient: 32˚

Load handling system: Hiab Palfinger
  • cargo moment: 11.6 t.m
  • maximum arm extension: 8.2 m
Winch – hydraulic, towing capacity: 12 t
Evacuation device for towing vehicles ТР-9, load carrying capacity: 9000 kg
Diesel-generator, operating capacity: 8 kW
Air compressor, motor power: 3 kW
Special tools and equipment for assembly-disassembly, mechanical and welding works

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