“KrAZ” Extends its Lineup

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Another model has been added to the family of two-axle cabovers KrAZ. The KrAZ-КрАЗ-5401В2 platform truck joined the KrAZ-5401С2 dump truck and the KrAZ-5401Н2 cab chassis truck.

This vehicle has been built under contract awarded to “AutoKrAZ” through competitive bidding announced by Kalush Heating Power Plant (Ivano-Frankovsk region). The KrAZ-5401В2 truck will be used by customer for servicing Kalush Heating Power Plant.

In accordance to technical requirements set out in the agreement 12- tonnes vehicle is provided with turbocharged engine delivering 330hp and meeting Euro-5, 9-speed transmission with PTO and the NSh-50 pump of hydraulic system. Brake system has ABS and air line connections for trailer.

Own-production unique dump body has dimensions 5700х2500х1000. The cab offers highly comfortable environemtn as on all the vehicles of this family.

Ukrainian Military Pages

Today the lineup of two-axle trucks of Kremenchug Automobile Plant includes the KrAZ-5401 light-duty cab chassis trucks available in axle configurations 4х2 and 4х4 with payload capacity of 12, 10, 9 and 6 tonnes, the 5-tonnes 4х2 KrAZ-4501Н2 cab chassis truck, the 7-tonnes KrAZ-5401С27 dump truck, the 12-tonnes KrAZ-5401С2 grain dump truck and the 12-tonnes KrAZ-5401В2 platform truck.

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