J structure within the Ukrainian army to contribute to NATO compatibility

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‘Within the framework of the first strategic goal Development of Command System of the Armed Forces of Ukraine based on NATO principles and standards defined in the State Program of Development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by 2020, the J structure will be implemented in the Ukrainian army to achieve NATO compatibility’.

Col. Serhii Maslovskyi, Deputy Chief of Main Directorate of Defence and Mobilization Planning of the General Staff of Ukraine, informed it during a briefing.

“J structure is required for any country participating in NATO operations. It contributes to effective cooperation. Every J knows which partner’s J it should cooperate with”, the officer remarked.

Col. Maslovskyi briefed on J structures which had been already formed or were being formed within the Ukrainian Armed Forces such as J-1 — Personnel, J-2 — Intelligence, J-3 — Operations, J-4 — Logistics, J-5 — Defence Planning, J-6 — Communication and Information Systems, J-7 — Training and Exercises, J-8 — Resources and Finance, J-9 — Civil Military Cooperation.

According to the officer, in 2017, more than 100 combat military units were unified in order to optimize the structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It allowed increasing capabilities of commands and combat military units and doubled potential of artillery units.

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