The Association of high-tech enterprises and organizations "Cosmos" was established in Ukraine

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On April 5, 2018, the ccoordinating meeting of companies and organizations of Yuzhnoye SDO scientific and production cooperation took place in the Dnipro. At the meeting a decision to establish the Association of high-technology companies and organizations "Cosmos" was made.

The Cosmos Association is to unite the enterprises and scientific organizations that are interested in sustainable development of qualitatively new technologies, implementation of innovative approaches and processes in order to create national highly competitive products in space industry and allied sectors.

To implement the joint resolution a working group was established and the specific stages of Association creation were approved:

  • preparation and consideration of the Association constituent documentation project by the participants of the coordinating meeting;
  • preparation of the Association constituent documentation package with possible proposals from coordinating meeting participants being taken into account;
  • state registration of the Association as a public organization.

All participants of the coordinating meeting, namely more than 200 representatives from 103 companies and organizations, supported the establishment of the Association and invited the interested companies, organizations, and institutions to take part.

The constituent meeting of the Association members is planned to take place in June 2018 in Dnipro.

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