Laska Unmanned Robotized Platform on a leash (VIDEO)

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At the XI International Scientific and Technical Conference "Prospects for the development of weapons and military equipment of the Army", which took place on May 17-18 in Lviv, Infocom's Laska combat robotic platform demonstrated its capabilities.

Based on a four-wheels all-terrain vehicle chassis, the Laska is designed to perform a large range of tasks: patrolling, reconnaissance, mine clearing, convoying, ammunition delivery, medical evacuation, etc.

The Laska equipped with PKT 7,62 mm machine gun with 200 rounds. Optics include EO/IR cameras and laser rangefinder. The maximal identification range is 1000 m with EO/IR cameras and 1100 with the laser rangefinder.

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The Laska was shown during the static demonstration of military equipment, and also took part in dynamic events.

Ukrainian Military Pages Ukrainian Military PagesPhoto credit: Pavlo Tkachuk / National Army Academy

The control of the leash was tested - in the conditions of electronic warfare the turret can move autonomously, pre-programmed route, or guided by a person, with the help of a cable. The main actions are carried out using a cable: turning on the engine, turning to the right / left, moving forward, moving back, stopping.

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