Combat-hardened special forces officer vows to reform UkrOboronProm

By Illia Ponomarenko
Combat-hardened special forces officer vows to reform UkrOboronProm

It’s been a month since President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appointed Colonel Serhiy Kryvonos as a deputy secretary of Ukraine’s National Defense and Security Council.

His nomination was a pleasant surprise for many: The senior Special Operations officer, with long combat experience and a sparkling reputation, replaced Oleh Hladkovskiy, Poroshenko’s long-time business partner, who was fired in March amid yet another headline-making corruption scandal involving alleged massive embezzlement and smuggling in the defense sector.

Now, with just days to the April 21 runoff election that may put Poroshenko out of power, Kryvonos is vowing to finally bring the country’s scandal ridden and disorganized defense production sector to order.

Within the next months, he promises to launch a long-overdue international audit of the national military production giant UkrOboronProm, consisting of over 130 enterprises, then transform it, weeding out the corruption that has corroded the concern from within for years.