Ukraine may join NATO’s training mission in Iraq

NATO’s training mission in Iraq

“Ukrainian Army have a strategic interest in expanding their participation in NATO missions and the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO’s non-combat training mission in Iraq is being discussed.”

This was announced by the Minister of Defense Andriy Zagorodnyuk during a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the results of the visit of the North Atlantic Council to Ukraine.

— Ukraine is ready to contribute to one of NATO’s non-combat training missions in Iraq. Here we are talking about consulting and training for the Iraqi Armed Forces in the process of for repair and use of certain equipment which is well known to our Ukrainian specialists. And by sharing our knowledge and experience, we can contribute,"- noted the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. — We are interested in expanding practical cooperation with NATO and in particular in NATO-led missions. This is a clear strategic interest for us and it is useful for both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO as well as for our relations.