Ukraine's Army received the first 100 missiles for the Vilkha

Армія отримала перші 100 серійних ракет Вільха

The Ukrainian Army has received the first 100 mass-produced missiles for the Vilkha multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), the Ministry of Defence reports.

The next batch of new missiles is expected by January 2020.

Vilkha is new Ukrainian missile complex with guided ammunition developed by the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” in collaboration with other public and private Ukrainian defence companies. It is ten times more accurate than the ageing MLRS platforms in service with the Ukrainian Army.

The Ukrainian Army accepted the Vilkha system in 2018, while the serial production of the missile complex began in 2019. The MLRS also received interest from multiple foreign customers.

The system is capable of launching 12 missiles in just 45 seconds on a distance of up to 120 km. In such a distance, the missiles hit the target with a circular error probable less then 30 meters. At the same time, the mass of one 300 mm missile "Vilkha" is 800 kg.