D&S 2019: Thailand unveils BTR-3CS command vehicle

D&S 2019: Таїланд презентував на виставці BTR-3CS

Thailand's Defence Technology Institute (DTI) unveiled a prototype of a new command version of the BTR-3 8×8 APC at the opening day of the Defense and Security 2019 show in Bangkok.

This was reported by Jane's Defence Industry.

The vehicle is designated BTR-3CS - also known as ACPC-01 (Armoured Command Post Carrier) - and was built through a collaborative programme funded by the DTI and incorporating Ukrainian state-owned defence industrial group UkrOboronProm and local firm Datagate, which assembled the prototype at its facilities in Chachoengsao, south-central Thailand.

D&S 2019: Таїланд презентував на виставці BTR-3CS Photo credit: IHS Markit/Kelvin Wong

Thales is also involved in the programme, integrating into the vehicle what it has described as a "C5I (computerised, command, control, communications, and combat information) solution". Thales integrated the system in collaboration with Datagate.

D&S 2019: Таїланд презентував на виставці BTR-3CS Photo credit: Army Recognition

Ukrainian Military Pages previously wrote about the development and testing of the BTR-3CS (Command Staff) by the Kyiv Armored Plant in conjunction with private companies, as well as the delivery to Thailand of the first set of components for licensed production in this country.

DTI officials told Jane's that the BTR-3CS will start trials with the Royal Thai Army (RTA) soon before an anticipated programme to start building the vehicle in Thailand. Officials said the RTA has a total requirement for more than 60 vehicles across several battalions. The DTI will also pursue exports of the vehicle in regional markets.

Col Chatchapong Punpayak, business development director at DTI explained that the prototype vehicle was constructed through transfers of technologies from Ukraine to Thailand. The vehicle's Deutz AG engine and Allison transmission were also imported as were some of the on-board mission systems. However, Col Chatchapong said that many of the vehicle's components were sourced locally and that Thai industry will look to maximise its involvement in the programme as it matures over the coming few years.

D&S 2019: Таїланд презентував на виставці BTR-3CS Photo credit: Army Recognition

The vehicle gross weight averages 16.5 tons. It can reach 100 km/h on hard surface and 8 km/h on water. The autonomy provided by the two 160-liter fuel tanks is 600 km minimum on hard surface. The armament consists of a 12.7mm NSVT machine gun ad an 81mm smoke grenade launcher. The protection is STANAG 4164 level 2 or 3 at the front. The crew is composed of a driver and co-driver, a vehicle commander and six people to manage the specific command post equipment.

D&S 2019: Таїланд презентував на виставці BTR-3CS Photo credit: Ukroboronprom

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