The unannounced war of a new Ukrainian ruling elite against military officers of the Armed Forces and patriots

The unannounced war of a new Ukrainian ruling elite against military officers of the Armed Forces and patriots

In 2014, the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine during an extremely difficult period for the country. After President Yanukovych’s escape and his election and early elections, the state apparatus was virtually blocked, and the Ukrainian army was in a state of despair.

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The phenomenon of Ukrainian voluntary movement appeared against the advancing aggressor. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers went to the front to fight, hundreds of thousands went to help their country with all they could. Volunteers provided the newly born with everything from food and shoes to camouflage and equipment, salvage, casualty organization and the diaspora, which raised funds for Ukraine’s defenders around the world.

After six years of war, the Ukrainian military became a well-armed, organized and experienced army of combat operations, the Ukrainian defense industry was developing at a rapid pace, and a respectable group of combat generals, heroes, prominent volunteers and activists appeared in Ukrainian society.

Following the presidential election in late April, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky took the power in the country with the slogan “peace with Russia at all costs”. Immediately after the relocation of the new team to Bankova Street, Yanukovych’s friends and associates, oligarchs, Russian adherents began to return to Ukraine, and Ukraine began to recede from the positions achieved on the international arena. Leading figures in the state apparatus and national security services have been replaced, and impersonal and contradictory figures of the comedians of the new president and his diverse Party of Servants party, who came to power with promises of swift improvements, appeared at the site of the government trained in the six-year war for Ukraine. This was a golden rain that would spill on the exhausted Ukrainian people.

Six months after the election of Volodymyr Zelensky, his rating began to plummet, and the 42-year-old president, who has remained out of the patriotic movement of Ukraine for the last 6 years and repeatedly made fun of the army, began to harass this part of society that has gained authority in the difficult years of the struggle for independence and Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Marchenko’s case. Unjustified accusations, inadequate measures and humiliation of Heroes of Ukraine

Dmytro A. Marchenko – Ukrainian military, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Dmytro A. Marchenko – Ukrainian military, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Head of the Main Department for Development and Support of the Armed Forces. Participant in the war in eastern Ukraine.

Commander of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree and other combat awards.

Combat General. He served in the 79th Airborne Assault Brigade. In 2014, he joined the ranks of the defenders of Ukraine in the ATO, conducted reconnaissance of the occupied territories by his own car, a participant in the defense of the Donetsk Airport (DAP), a volunteer who saved dozens of lives, was at Savur-Mohyla, in Debaltsevo, Pisky. Injured in ATO, has health problems.

In September 2015, he was appointed Chief of the Main Directorate for Development and Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is called a reformer general. The difference in logistics for the Ukrainian army is noticeable after taking office. All participants in the Russian-Ukrainian war know and respect.

Hearing of the Pechersk District Court in the Marchenko case

On November 11, the Pechersk Court of Kyiv applied to General Marchenko, who loves in the rented apartment, precautionary bail of nearly UAH 77 million. During a court hearing in which the court did not consider any of convincing arguments of defense, investigator of the CBI Dmytro Alekseenko was chattered with the Cabinet by phone: “In the court. Ushliopki here are like in an asshole.” “Ushliopki” is a term of Russian bandit slang, synonyms are bastards and devils. He calls ” Ushliopki ” those who came to court to support General Marchenko, veterans, volunteers and community leaders. Among them were Hero of Ukraine Yevhen Mezhevikin, Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Porkhun, Hero of Ukraine Mykhailo Zabrodsky, Cavalier of the Three Degrees of Courage Order Pavlo Chaika, People’s Deputy and former Kremlin political prisoner Akhtem Chigoyz.

In the following days, the Pechersk Court applied the same measure of restraint and the same amount of bail to two other officers: Colonel Sergiy Pochtarenko, a serviceman of the Armed Forces, a paratrooper, a participant in the war with an impeccable reputation among his soldiers, and Lieutenant Colonel Mykhailo Kamoryansky, a combat officer. A participant in the war, who, when asked by an SBI’s investigator about his exact address, showed his office in the Ministry of Defense and the sofa on which he actually sleeps. Two more officers from Marchenko’s team were subjected to house arrest – to Lieutenant Colonel Vasyl Sakovets, an officer of the AFU, a participant in the war (during a court hearing it turned out that the prosecutor had lost the indictment somewhere), and Captain of the AFU Olha Kapinus.

At the same time, the Pechersk District Court granted investigators access to the AFU Strategic Plan, which should be at the highest level of “Special Importance” security

Lieutenant General Mikhail Zabrodsky stated that such actions threaten national security: “I immediately explain that this is a document that has been read to 10, maximum, 20 people in the country. And this is done at a time when, according to the statements of the SBI, they cannot fully ensure the secrecy and appropriate regime in their department. There is a real risk that this document, in whole or in part, may fall into the hands of Russia, an aggressor country“

The unannounced war of a new Ukrainian ruling elite against military officers of the Armed Forces and patriots

Yevhen Zhukov, ATO veteran, Chief of Patrol Police of Ukraine, addressed President Zelensky:

“Three videos. The first is from the spring of 2014. At the time, Major Marchenko was also conducting intelligence in the Crimea and firing bandits with a ringing phone. Then a very important task. The guys are working. The second is from July 2014. Commander of the intelligence company Captain Pochtarenko with call sign Phoenix and a terrorist with call sign Ryazan exchanged the bodies of the dead after long fighting. The guys are working. The third video is today. Although the officers are fully cooperating with the investigation, they are given respect, they do not even think to hide, because have honor and conscience … The guys worked them out.

Colonel Pochtarenko was arrested with a bail of UAH 77 million!!!! $3 million!!! Even if all the airborne forces raise money together – that’s not enough!

The first was the arrested general Marchenko. Then there will be some more officers.

Church Mice! They don’t even have the apartments from the army. They live in rented apartments and are in debt, like many other AFU officers. And for one, they want a $3 million bail.

Without emotion, I turn to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to draw attention to this absurd situation and restore justice in terms of personnel with military experience and combat rewards. These are not murderers, abusers, thieves, repeat offenders. The court places drug dealers detained with 300 or 600 kg under house arrest.

Let the investigation establish the truth about “defective body armor series”. There is a law and a process for this. But during the investigation, it is unclear what will determine why officers who have served their country all their lives, who have earned the respect of the public with their blood, should be detained.

Adequate people who did not plan to escape (without houses, planes and cars registered with mom, dad and grandmothers) were arrested on $3 million bail.

The boys are going through this and will endure it. But why this humiliation and shame? With all of them I studied, served, performed combat tasks, searched for the wounded guys. I did my work to protect the country. And I did it right with others. When it was difficult, when the integrity and independence of our country were in jeopardy!”

HEARING IN THE COURT OF APPEAL in the Marchenko case

On November 28, the Court of Appeal in Kyiv left the detainee in custody. Marchenko, by dropping his bail from a fantastic 76 million hryvnia (nearly 3 million euros), set by the Pechersk District Court, to an unrealistic 20 million hryvnia (~ 759,000 euros), leaving the general unlawfully in civilian custody rather than in the military one. The judges did not grant the defense’s request for the general’s release from custody during the case, as well as the bail-out of military officers, Heroes of Ukraine, MPs and prominent public figures who assured Marchenko that he would not hide and cooperate with the investigation. Marchenko himself was forced to attend the video call from the arrest.

The legendary Mike, commander of the 95th Assault Brigade Maksym Myrhorodsky

The legendary Mike, commander of the 95th Assault Brigade Maksym Myrhorodsky, cavalier of the three degrees of the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, of the Order of Courage III degree, the public award People’s Hero of Ukraine.

Participant in the war in eastern Ukraine. He fought in the battles for Slovyansk, Savur Mohyla, Debaltseve, in defense at the Donetsk Airport (DAP).

Myrhorodsky commented emotionally on the court’s decision, and his words were shared by tens of thousands of Ukrainians:

Myrhorodsky commented emotionally on the court’s decision, and his words were shared by tens of thousands of Ukrainians:

Today, the defenders of Ukraine have shown us that we are nobody for the state, that our opinion means nothing. Servicemen are under investigation; the court has not yet decided whether they are guilty or not, but they are being held behind bars. People who have spilled their blood, people who have proven they are ready to give their lives for their country, must now prove that they are worthy of respect. No one is released until sentencing. But when it comes to officers, they are given a bail of 20 million hryvnia (~ € 759,000) – an amount they have never seen.
Let the court determine the extent of their guilt – but why are servicemen kept in custody during the trial as criminals, as if they did not trust them and could escape?

I came to guarantee with my honor – Marchenko will not be hiding. It turned out that this was not enough. My word is not enough. The word of other officers and generals. Our country trusts us to go to battle, and is sure that none of us will escape the battle, believes that we are ready to go to death.
But our country, at the same time, believes that one of us will run away from the investigator.
The judges who decide so will go home and hug their families in peace.
Because in our country the dead heroes are appreciated and the living ones have no job. The commander of the 128th Brigade was killed – who now remembers his family? There was a buzz, and everything was forgotten. The cost of a soldier’s life at war is 1 million and 200,000 compensation for loved ones. The price of freedom and honor – a bail of 20 million.

This is the true attitude of the state today, as demonstrated by the Court of Appeal of Kyiv, which has offended those who defend Ukraine”.

To support Marchenko and to guarantee him with his word and honor, real legends from the war with Russia, Heroes of Ukraine, cavaliers of orders received for merit and victories, respected politicians and public figures appeared in court:

Lieutenant General Mykhailo Zabrodski

Lieutenant General Mykhailo Zabrodski

The legendary former commander of the 95th Brigade, a participant in the war in eastern Ukraine, since March 2015 – commander of the assault force, commanded the Ukrainian forces in ATO November 2017-March 2018, Member of Parliament in the Verkhovna Rada.

Hero of Ukraine, Cavalier of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky – III degree

Colonel Yevhen Zhukov (Marshall)

Colonel Yevhen Zhukov (Marshall)

Hero of the Donetsk Airport Defense (DAP), an officer from the 79th Brigade, a participant in the Russian-Ukrainian war, injured in the ATO area. From November 2015 appointed to the National Police of Ukraine. Chief of the Patrol Police of Ukraine.

Cavalier of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky – III degree; People’s Hero of Ukraine

Colonel Maksym Myrhorodsky (Mike)

Colonel Maksym Myrhorodsky (Mike)

The legendary commander of the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade. Participant in the war in eastern Ukraine. He fought in the battles for Slovyansk, Savur Mohyla, Debaltseve, in defense at the Donetsk Airport (DAP).

The first participant in the ATO, became a full cavalier of the three degrees of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, a cavalier of the Order of Courage of III degree, at the public award People’s Hero of Ukraine.

Major General Ihor Hordiychuk

Major General Ihor Hordiychuk

In April 2014, he was assigned to the Chief Command Center of the MoD as Chief of Operations Center. He has led heavy fighting in the last two weeks of Savur’s Mohyla defense. Heavily wounded in the head in the Ilovaisk battle.

Since April 2016, Chief of the Ivan Bohun Military Lyceum in Kyiv. Hero of Ukraine, Knight of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky – II and III degree

Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kostenko

Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kostenko

SBU officer, ATO veteran, cyborg. Former Deputy head of Alpha in the Mykolaiv region. He participated in the battles for the Donetsk airport during his vacation, as his unit did not participate in the battles.

MP in the Verkhovna Rada of the Voice Party, Secretary of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence. Cavalier of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky – III degree, People’s Hero of Ukraine

Lieutenant Pavlo Chaika

Lieutenant Pavlo Chaika

Serviceman of the AFU. ATO veteran. Wounded in the fighting for Krasny Liman, he refused rehabilitation and returned to his unit. He participated in the battles for Maryinka, two rotations at the Donetsk airport, in the battles for Debaltseve.

Full Cavalier of the Three Degrees of the Order of Courage, People’s Hero of Ukraine.

General Marchenko was also guaranteed by his signature Boryslav Bereza, a Ukrainian politician and public figure, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of the 8th convocation, a former representative of Ukraine in PACE, Semen Koleinyk – a lieutenant colonel of the AFU, a veteran of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree, People’s Hero of Ukraine; Maria Ionova – Member of Parliament of Ukraine from 7,8 and 9 convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, Oleksiy Mochanov – a famous volunteer and activist. And dozens of other servicemen, volunteers, public figures.

Inadequate court decisions, blameless accusations and abusive treatment of officers caused a bitter and sharp reaction:

“He lives in a rental apartment! You, as hell, want his $ 20 million bail. Combat general, you fool! Who keeps your ass!
You are judging a hero. The chief of the patrol police of Ukraine guarantees for him. Do you understand what that means? This is a person with impeccable honor …
… What provoke you, you idiots?. Do you understand what you are doing?… And it won’t be mine or your problem. This will already be a problem for Ukraine. You will bring chaos to the state when you sue such people.
Marchenko is a flawless officer. Personnel combat officer of the Ukrainian army, who made sure that not to steal hundreds of millions of hryvnia. With an impeccable reputation … If you condemn it, it will be a personal insult to the soldier. Army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will look at you as enemies of Ukrainian statehood. When you lock Marchenko, who will fight?”

Frontline retreat, attempts to discredit the army and persecute volunteers, the patriots see as a revenge

According to the surveys conducted in Ukraine, the most trusted are the volunteers and veterans of the ATO. Meanwhile the rating of incumbent President Volodymyr Zelensky is beginning to plummet. The ridiculous staff appointments of the new Ukrainian authorities to key posts in the country’s security and removal of people who have consistently fought for Ukraine’s sovereignty over the past 5 years are not well received by Ukrainian society. The new policy course of Zelensky’s team managed to gather tens of thousands of Ukrainians on the streets of Kyiv in a matter of months, with a warning not to allow capitulation to Moscow

Zelensky, however, was anxiously preparing for his meeting with Russian President Vl. Putin, scheduled to take place on December 9 as part of a meeting in the Norman format, ignores the voice of Ukrainian patriots.

Despite the on-going firing of a front-line caliber banned by the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine is withdrawing troops into the agreed-upon areas, and the number of shelling in the daily reports of the United Nations (Joint Forces Operation) is decreasing. After an eight-month hiatus, the Russian Federation renewed its “humanitarian” convoys to occupied territories illegally entering Ukraine every two weeks without receiving adequate protest from the Ukrainian MFA.

Attempts continue to be made on all possible ways to discredit the army and remove ATO veterans. Yevhen Mezhevikin – the legendary “Adam” – Hero of Ukraine, People’s Hero of Ukraine, cavalier of numerous orders and honors received a low mark in his new feature. Viktor Shidlyuk has left the army – a spokesman for the General Staff, because of a ban on the newly appointed Chief of Staff, Khomchak, from speaking to the media and other unacceptable actions by the officer. “It hurts me for the future of the Armed Forces and Ukraine – writes Shidlyuk – I can no longer remain silent. Hundreds of officers leave the Armed Forces.” Former Rada MP and ATO veteran Igor Lapin has been prosecuted by the SBU in connection with fighting for the protection of the Luhansk Airport. “This is discrediting the AFU,” Lapin said. “The team of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky considers his enemies Ukraine’s opponents, not Russia’s,” – he said.

Many participants of the volunteer movement in Ukraine have also been subjected to repression. The searches were carried out, for example, at the home of Marusya Zveroboy, from which they seized a child pistol while cars with Alfa riot police were waiting in front of her home. And during a court hearing against the popular ATO veteran – Inna Hryschenko, one of the prosecutors said that “Participation in the ATO is an aggravating circumstance.” In September, Ina’s husband, the DAP cyborg Vladislav Hryschenko, was also arrested.

In the meantime, the command of the JFO ordered the servicemen to return all vehicles delivered to the army by volunteers. The same ones for which the Ukrainian diaspora and Ukrainian residents raised money around the world, and which continue to be donated

Serhiy Kryvonos

On November 29, President V. Zelensky fired from his post Assistant Secretary Serhiy Kryvonos on two committees on the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC). Kryvonos is a general of the Ukrainian Army, a cavalier of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky – III degree, a veteran of the ATO. In 2014, for 45 days, the unit he commanded defended the Kramatorsk airport in a complete encirclement. Since October 2014 he served as a Head of the Special Operations Division of the General Staff. Kryvonos and his team are developing a strategy for the Ukrainian Special Operations Force, along with NATO representatives. At the beginning of 2016, he was appointed First Deputy Commander of the JFO. On March 12, 2019 he was appointed by President Poroshenko as deputy Secretary of the NSDC.

After the government of the “servants of the people” came to power, people with a bad reputation such as Serhiy Sivokho, a man from Zelensky’s comedy team who at the time of his appointment to the NSDC, worked as a comic and participated in the 2014 Anti-Maidan meetings of the Party of the Regions against the Revolution of Dignity. Now he is on the NSDC table. Under his new position, Sivokho has made several unacceptable calls from Ukrainians to the Ukrainian authorities to ask for forgiveness for the Donbas and to pay pensions in the occupied territories.

Another member of the Council is Natalia Korolevska – an outspoken pro-Russian appointment investigated in 2015 by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office for relations with “Armed Forces” of the self-proclaimed LNR, accused in smuggle through the occupied territories.

And of course – the infamous “right hand” of Volodymyr Zelensky – Andriy Bohdan.

Serhiy Kryvonos comments on the Presidential Decree on his dismissal:

“One thing is clear that certain officials do not want to implement the program for enhancing Ukraine’s defense capability “Five Steps” when it is already finalized.
And in general, they turned the NSDC from the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine into a mockery of clowns.
I continue to work for Ukraine.
Ukraine above all!”