Vilkha-M MLRS: The last stage before the final test

Вільха-М – останні етап перед державними випробуваннями

Regular tests of domestically produced missiles were held yesterday. State design bureau Luch (Kyiv)made 2 successful launches of the Vilkha-M missile at a distance of over 100 km. The circular error was less than 30 meters.

This was reported by Press-service of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

It was the last stage before the final state trials.

The Vilkha is a Ukrainian missile complex with an adjusted 300 mm caliber ammunition, developed on the basis of the missile rocket fire system 9К58 Smerch. The Vilkha-M is a modification of the Vilkha MLRS, which is already in service with the Ukrainian army. If for ordinary Vilkha firing range is 70 km, for Vilkha-M - 120 km.