3D radar 90K6E confirmed the characteristics

3D радіолокатор 90К6Е

The SE NVK Iskra conducted the final stage of testing the 90K6E mobile 3D surveillance radar for the ability to identify small targets with a small radar cross-section.

Also a high-mobility metric wave radar MR-1 and the counter-battery radar complex 1L220UK had been involved in testing. Tests on these radars were conducted under agreed program and also provided full confirmation of the claimed UAV determination characteristics.

The unmanned aerial vehicle Raybird 3 was the object of determination, under control of Skyeton specialists. It is a serial production small unmanned aerial system for different long-range missions, ISTAR solutions, and SAR applications with the following characteristics:

Flight time – more than 24 hours
Maximum altitude – 3000 m
Speed ​​(min/cruising/max) – 80/120/160 km/h
Range in direct control mode – 240 km


Maximum radar operation limits:
in range, km – 500 km
in azimuth, deg – 300
in elevation,deg – 0 ... 70
Target detection range, RCS=3-5 m2 (at P=0,8 F=10-6), km:
at flight altitude >10km – 360
Transmitter type – Solid State
Transmitter peak power, kW – 32
Number of beams – 16
Clutter suppression, dB – 50
Jamming cancelling, dB – 20
Track throughput, more than – 500
IFF equipment – built-in

The radar can be transported by C-130 Hercules aircraft.