Russia again disrupts TCG meeting, set to further block this process – Ivanova

Russia again disrupts TCG meeting, set to further block this process – Ivanova

Ukraine convened a meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) for the peaceful settlement of the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions over the killing of a civilian in eastern Ukraine, but the Russian side refused to meet.

Representative of certain areas of Donetsk region to TCG from Ukraine Tetiana Ivanova said this in a comment to Dom TV channel, reported by Ukrinform.

According to her, killing of a civilian in eastern Ukraine by illegal armed formations and increased shelling of Ukrainian military positions were to be discussed at the extraordinary meeting of the TCG.

"It was expected that Russia would refuse. And so, I think that the next step, and what I expect as a representative of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG, is the statement made by OSCE as coordinator. Now it depends on the OSCE how quickly the parties will be able to gather and how organized can be the work of the coordinator. Russia will block this process as Russia now shows everyone that it is not a party to the negotiations, trying to prove it. Ukraine will never agree to such a position," Ivanova said.

According to her, "there is no such party as representatives of unrecognized formations" in the TCG negotiations.

"Therefore, Ukraine will insist that the Minsk talks take place in accordance with the agreements in the Normandy format and in Minsk. Ukraine will stand on this," Ivanova stressed.

As a reminder, the Russian side continues to insist that Russia is not a party to the conflict, so there is allegedly no point in discussing the aggravation of the situation with it. At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence reports that Russia delivers fuel and weapons to its puppets to the temporarily uncontrolled territory in eastern Ukraine.