Ukraine's Army should offer “trial contracts” for military – expert

Ukraine Army

Ukraine should look into introducing a preliminary three-month contract for the military, after which they must choose whether to sign a basic contract for military service.

That’s according to Andriy Senchenko, Chairman of the Association of Employers' Organizations "National Association of Defense Industry Enterprises of Ukraine," who spoke with Ukrinform.

"I believe that a preliminary three-month contract should be introduced today. That is, a person should voluntarily sign a contract for 100 days of military service. It will be an intensive training routine with multiple physical activities, after which people will face a choice – to sign the regular contract, serve in the reserve, or quit," said the expert.

Such an option will help the Army identify those really willing to serve because today there is a situation where many don’t wish to stay in the Army after their draft service term completes.

However, according to the expert, first of all, it’s necessary to "improve" the system of incentives. In particular, military service should offer a range of opportunities for further personal development, not just being a place of temporary employment.

Senchenko emphasizes it is not only about money, but also the opportunity to receive own housing or higher education opportunities at the government expense.

"It is necessary for a people to be actually willing to serve… Today, however, the prestige of military service is vanishing, so it must be restored," Senchenko added.