Turkey reportedly delivered ADVENT CMS to Ukraine

Turkey reportedly delivered ADVENT CMS to Ukraine

According to information published by Turdef on January 4, 2022, the Turkish firm Havelsan reportedly delivered the ADVENT Combat Management System to Ukraine.

The Network Enabled Data Integrated Combat Management System (ADVENT) was initiated to be developed in cooperation with Turkish Naval Research Center Command and HAVELSAN in 2010 to meet the need of a modern combat management system for the Naval Forces Command's air, surface, underwater and land-based platforms.

ADVENT is a new generation command and control system that responds to the needs of a force-oriented, network-supported operational approach rather than a single ship. With its scalable open architecture structure; ADVENT can be adapt to surface, underwater and air platforms and land facilities.

With its decision support systems ADVENT has an architecture that facilitates the speed and correct decision-making process of its user and provides flexible structure in the use of new weapons and sensors. It has been developed in a modular structure that fits in multi-task profiles and other platform types.

ADVENT will also be used as CMS in BURGAZADA, Marine Supply and Communication Support Ship TCG ANADOLU, Test and Training Ship, BURAK Class Corvette, Barbaros Class and I-Class Frigate platforms.

Turkey reportedly delivered ADVENT CMS to Ukraine

What is ADVENT?

ADVENT CMS is a completely national and domestic combat management system that

Has access to fully integrated TDL functions 11/16/22, SIMPLE, JREAP and VMF through all operator consoles

Is force-oriented instead of single ship

Responds to the needs of the network-supported operational approach

Facilitates the user’s quick and accurate decision-making through decision support systems

Targets a flexible structure in the use of new weapons and sensors

It has been developed in a modular structure that fits multitasking profiles and various platform types and is a platform independent system. With its scalable open architecture, it can be customized for surface, underwater and air platforms as well as for land facilities.

Modular ADVENT

The modules of ADVENT have been independently developed in accordance with the ADVENT style directory, offering different capabilities and services, but providing data interfaces defined by ADVENT.

By bringing together the units from list noted below, which are in the interest of the target platform, the combat management system of the platform is established. The capabilities, which are required for the target platform but not included in the existing capabilities of ADVENT, are developed within the scope of ADVENT's platform integration activities and included in the ADVENT product tree.

Situational Awareness

Status Display

CMS Support

Operation Support

Combat Management


Non-War Operation

Platform and Intelligence

Subsystem - CMS Integration (Integration solution is available with nearly 50 systems)

Training and Simulation System

Infrastructure and Support 

Network Enabled Capability (NEC)

ADVENT, an effective and fully automatic combat management system, comes to the forefront with its advantages especially in “Network Enabled Capability”. Developed in a hierarchical structure in accordance with centralized control and distributed execution architecture, NEC increases the effectiveness of operations performed by enabling the share of platform capabilities with other platforms. NEC applications available under ADVENT are discussed in the following section.

Mutual Engagement Capability: 

In order to respond to the needs of dynamic and rapidly developing air warfare environment, ADVENT CMS uses a mutual engagement capability that enables rapid and efficient planning for the coordinated use of air warfare efficiency of the force over the NEC, proper allocation of resources and coordination of this planning with other platforms.

With this method, the weapon and sensor capabilities of the platforms with which the operation is performed jointly are shared over the NEC; plans are made for the overall task force considering the threats, the units to be protected and the resources, the plan is distributed to all task forces and executed in a coordinated manner.

Task Force-Focused Services: 

The CMS capabilities, which are offered as ship-focused (navigational plans, regulations, operational plans, search and rescue, etc.), are planned by taking into account other platform capabilities where operations are mutually carried out and shared with other platforms over the NEC and executed in a controlled manner.

Training Capabilities: 

With ADVENT CMS, advanced training capabilities are offered in both the virtual environment by simulators and in real environments by real systems. This training can be performed on a single platform or with other platforms where operations are mutually carried out over the NEC. 

Warfare Capabilities

In order to support the main types of warfare performed by warships (surface warfare, anti-air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, asymmetric warfare, electronic warfare, mine warfare, amphibious operations), tactics and identifications (field, area, etc.) given for these warfare types in NATO and National Tactical publications are presented for the use of the command staff within the scope of ADVENT CMS.

Full Integrated TDL Functions 

Link 11/16/22, SIMPLE, JREAP and VMF networks are fully integrated with ADVENT CMS. With this integration, the multi-link system functions can be accessed not only from individual consoles but also from all CMS consoles. The TDL functions achieved in this way are distributed to all CMS applications. It is capable of operating multiple links of a similar type with different types of links simultaneously.

Non-War Operation

Today, the naval forces have significant roles in so-called humanitarian operations. ADVENT CMS offers a variety of capabilities to support activities such as non-war operations, evacuation, maritime control and search and rescue.

Navigation and Operation Support

Operators are presented with various solutions that have been offered in the ADVENT CMS to ensure that the platform navigates safely and executes operational tasks, such as planning, preview and execution of the operation, safety controls during the course of navigation, positioning, many navigational assistance services such as navigational planning, execution, anchoring, etc.

Integration to Platform Systems

ADVENT is a platform-independent combat management system. In order to integrate ADVENT quickly and cost-effectively into any platform, a structure similar to plug-and-play has been used. Thanks to this capability, it is be possible to support the flexible and dynamic integration of new weapons and sensors such as ÇAFRAD, National G/M etc. to CMS, as well as a mutual engagement infrastructure.

Rule-Based Decision Support System

Performing checks on the tracks continuously and taking actions against the tracks they have detected after these controls are very common for the operators using CMS ADVENT.  With its rule-based decision support system capability, CMS ADVENT allows the operator to define the rules that will be valid for the tracks and plan the actions to be taken when the tracks are detected as per these rules.

With the activation of these rules, the system starts to apply these rules on the tracks and performs the predefined action in case of detection. Besides, it also offers display services for the operators to have situational awareness by analyzing the current situation with different perspectives.

Operational Capabilities

ADVENT CMS, in addition to the current platform capabilities, is able to provide assistance in mine operations, maritime inspection, humanitarian operations, 

ADVENT CMS offers a user-friendly and flexible operator interface which is developed over modern hardware and software infrastructure. In addition, it also has capabilities such as multiple work space, authorized access to functions, dynamic help, situational menu, Turkish and English language assistance, warning infrastructure with operator interaction, 2D or 3D status presentation, infrastructure for dynamic data recording and play.


ADVENT CMS has successfully completed tests and has been launched as the combat management system of the TCG Kınalıada corvette. ADVENT is ready to serve as the combat management system of all platforms of the Turkish Naval Forces to be built and modernized today and in the future. Moreover, it is planned to serve the naval forces of friendly and allied countries with the approval of the Turkish Naval Forces.

ADVENT CMS as the rightful pride of Turkey, with its capabilities beyond the era, will take its place amongst the combat management systems of world navies. The greatest strength of ADVENT is that all of the activities, from design to development and testing, have been performed under the leadership of the Turkish Naval Research Center Command and with the contribution of HAVELSAN, one of the leading companies of the Turkish Defense Industry. It has been developed together with the user, not just with information obtained from the user.  ADVENT, in its present form, is an exclusive combat management system in the world “developed with the Naval Forces for the Naval Forces”.