Ukrainian Ground Forces

Емблема Повітряних Сил

Ukrainian Ground Forces (Ukrainian: Сухопутні війська) is a part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ground Forces structure

Командування СВ ЗСУ
Ground Forces Command

rocket and artillery
• 19th Rocket Brigade, Khmelnytskyi
• 15th Rocket Artillery Regiment, Drogobych
27th Rocket Artillery Brigade, Sumy
• 43th Artillery Brigade, Divychki
• 107th Rocket Artillery Regiment, Kremenchuk

army aviation
• 8th Army Aviation Command Post
• 11th Army Aviation Brigade, Kherson
• 12th Army Aviation Brigade, Novyi Kalyniv
• 16th Army Aviation Brigade, Brody
• 18th Army Aviation Brigade, Poltava
• 57th Aviation Base (regulations, repair, storage and disposal)

• President Regiment, Kyiv
• Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy, Lviv
• Military Academy, Odesa
• 169th Training Center, Desna
• other units

ОК Захід
Operational Command West

• 10th Mountain Asault Brigade, Kolomyia
• 14th Mechanized Brigade, Volodymyr-Volynskyi
• 24th Mechanized Brigade, Yavoriv
• 128th Mountain Brigade, Mukacheve
44th Artillery Brigade, Ternopil
• 39th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Volodymyr-Volynskyi
• 130th Reconnaissance Battalion, Rivne
• 146th Command and Intelligence Center, Rivne
• Regional Center for Electronic Surveillance, Brody
• 55th Signal Regiment, Rivne
• 346th Communications Unit, Rivne
703rd Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence), Sambir
• 146th Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Zolochiv
• 201st Separate Electronic Warfare Company, Kostopil
• 436th Separate Electronic Warfare Unit, Lviv
• 111th Settlement and Analytical Station, Rivne
• 224th Separate Automobile Battallion, Shepetivka
• 182nd Separate Supply Battalion, Berezhany
• 394th Separate Maintenance Battalion, Rivne
• 233th Training Range, Nova Lubomyrka
• other units

ОК Північ
Operational Command North

• 1st Tank Brigade, Honcharivske
• 30th Mechanized Brigade, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 58th Infantry Brigade, Sumy
• 72nd Mechanized Brigade, Bila Tserkva
• 26th Artillery Brigade, Berdychiv
• 1129th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Bila Tserkva
• 54th Reconnaissance Battalion, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 90th Command and Intelligence Center, Chernihiv
• Regional Center for Electronic Surveillance, Chernihiv
• 5th Signal Regiment, Chernihiv
• 367th Communication Unit, Chernihiv
• 12th Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence), Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 50th Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Huiva
• 20th Separate Electronic Warfare Battalion, Zhytomyr
• 107th Settlement and Analytical Station, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 226th Separate Automobile Battallion, Berdychiv
• 181st Separate Supply Battalion, Novohrad-Volynskyi
• 134th Separate Maintenance Battalion, Chernihiv
• other units

Operational Command South

• 28th Mechanized Brigade, Chornomorske
• 56th Infantry Brigade, Melitopol
57th Infantry Brigade, Kropyvnytskyi
59th Infantry Brigade, Haisyn
• 40th Artillery Brigade, Pervomaisk
38th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Chornomorske
131st Reconnaissance Battalion, Gushhynci
• 91st Command and Intelligence Center, Krasnosilka
• Regional Center for Electronic Surveillance, Krasnosilka
• 7th Signal Regiment, Odesa
• 64th Communication Unit, Odesa
• 16th Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence)
• 1451st Separate Repair Company
• 23th Separate Electronic Warfare Company
• 108th Settlement and Analytical Station
• 225th Separate Automobile Battallion, Balta
• 183rd Separate Supply Battalion, Balta
• 363th Separate Maintenance Battalion, Odesa
• 235th Training Range, Myhailivka
• other units

ОК Південь
Operational Command East

• 17th Tank Brigade, Dnipro
• 53rd Mechanized Brigade, Sievierodonetsk
• 54th Mechanized Brigade, Bakhmut
• 92nd Mechanized Brigade, Chuhuiv
• 93rd Mechanized Brigade, Cherkaske
• 55th Artillery Brigade, Zaporizhia
• 1039th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, Hvardiiske
• 74th Reconnaissance Battalion, Cherkaske
• 188th Command and Intelligence Center, Dnipro
• 121st Signal Regiment, Cherkaske
• 368th Communication Unit, Dnipro
• 91th Operational Support Regiment (Engineer and CBRN Defence), Okhtyrka
• 532th Repair and Rehabilitation Regiment, Cherkaske
• 502nd Separate Electronic Warfare Battalion, Cherkaske
• 102th Settlement and Analytical Station, Dnipro
• 227th Separate Automobile Battallion, Kryvyi Rih
• 78th Separate Supply Battalion, Kryvyi Rih
• 133th Separate Maintenance Battalion, Dnipro
• 239th Training Range, Orlivshhyna
• other units