The ACEM Pistol Loaders in Beta Testing

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Table-based magazine loaders have existed a long time. While it takes some time to get the rounds into the loading plate with a simple push, all rounds are quickly and easily inserted into the magazine. PLATE’s ACEM loaders have been a respected offering in this sphere, but until now, these loaders were limited to double-stack magazines.

Fortunately, the wizards over there have figured out how the geometries to use ACEM loaders on double-stack single-feed magazines, where until the ETS loader only now just exists, the LULA reigned supreme. In short, these are the sample plate-style loaders where the rounds are lined up in the stack and a follower is used to press them all into the magazine quickly and easily where the rounds feed slightly down and to the rear instead of straight in on the double-stack offerings.

Ukrainian Military Pages

The new ACEM pistol loaders are now in beta testing, focusing only on the Glock platform. While Plate states the production ACEMs will be largely universal:

"Production ACEM pistol loaders will work with all calibers (a 9mm/.357/.40S&W model and a 10mm/.45 model) and as well as most pistol platforms. Like all ACEMs, they will also have universal magazine compatibility, regardless of magazine make or capacity".

For those who shoot Glocks, the Beta versions are available for purchase in 33 round and 22 round configurations. Both versions add markings for various magazine capacities, so if you don’t shoot 22 rounders or full happy-sticks, the loaders will still help get the job done quickly.

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