Rapid Trident 2017 - Closing Ceremony (video)

Ukrainian Military Pages

Soldiers at the International Peacekeeping Security Center in Ukraine gathered for the official closing ceremony of Rapid Trident 2017.

Rapid Trident 17 will provide participating nations with the opportunity to improve theater security cooperation within Eastern Europe, enhance interoperability amongst NATO member nations and partners, and to combine capabilities to operate in joint, multinational and integrated security operations (Video by Sgt. Austin Majors).

Rapid Trident is an annual, multinational exercise involving approximately two thousand personnel from 14 nations. The exercise is composed of a multinational, brigade-level, computer-assisted command post exercise integrated with a battalion-level field training exercise and platoon-level situational training exercises. The exercise will also include integrated, aeromedical evacuation and tactical airlift and airdrop training. Rapid Trident 2017 supports joint combined interoperability among Ukraine, the U.S., and allied and partner nations.

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