4th Canadian Division troops begin new training cycle as part of Operation UNIFIER

Ukrainian Military Pages Photo: Joint Task Force – Ukraine

With the arrival of the fifth rotation of Operation UNIFIER troops in September, a Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) Battalion has deployed to the International Peace Support Centre (IPSC) ready to receive training from a US and Canadian training battalion.

Members from 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, based in Petawawa, are responsible to teach alongside UAF instructors as they run a Rotational Training Unit (RTU) through a 55-day training cycle. The aim is to improve training delivery among the UAF instructor cadre, build relationships among international partners, and further UAF and NATO compatibility.

The Canadian Staff are prepared to provide the expertise aimed at advancing UAF training delivery methods. Through and with Ukrainian instructors, Canadians will train UAF at the individual and collective levels. The training begins with first aid, military planning, small arms handling and firing, armour vehicle training, and subsequently collective training. It culminates with a battalion-level field exercise. Canadians are willing to learn as well, and look forward to hearing about the tactics that UAF are employing in operations.

These efforts also include working with UAF to determine what institutional changes are needed to move closer to NATO compatibility. “This is a challenging task, as language barriers, tactical practices and equipment differences all combine to force Canadian instructors and staff to think of creative ways to convey ideas and concepts,” explained Maj Pat Newman, Officer in Charge of Line of Effort 1. “Additionally, building positive relationships is a facet to Canadian success. The relationships that are forged with the incoming unit will be key in overcoming the challenges in the coming months.”

The goal of this training mission remains to enable the UAF to be able to instruct, deliver and evaluate all of its units that come to the IPSC for training. This change has begun to be implemented and will continue throughout until mission success.

By: Canadian Armed Forces member deployed on Operation UNIFIER

Ukrainian Military Pages Members of Joint Task Force-Ukraine teach the 55-day training cycle at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre to the Rotational Training Unit (RTU), alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces intructors, in Starychi, Ukraine on October 26, 2017. Photo: Joint Task Force – Ukraine

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