80K6T 3D radar by Iskra is getting ready for the tests

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Scientific production complex "Iskra" is preparing a new 3D observation radar 80K6T – based on solid-state modules – for the factory trials.

This radar is designed for target destination to the means of air defense and can work with all types of AA missile systems the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with. In addition, the powerful radar capabilities allow using it as an information link within the Air Forces units of Ukraine.

The main feature of 80K6T is an active phased array. It allows detecting and tracking targets with super-high accuracy. At the same time, a single station allows simultaneous measurement of target range, azimuth and altitude.

80K6T allows to detect air objects at a distance of up to 500 km, at altitudes of up to 40 km. At the same time, the radar can track up to 500 targets simultaneously. Besides, the radar station can work under a significant counteraction of opponent’s electronic warfare. Due to this 80K6T operators can observe aerial dimension without obstacles, which is one of the main conditions for the air defense effectiveness.

In one minute, the radar makes up to 12 turns, providing target data update every 5 seconds, and a large viewing area along the corner of the site, up to 70 degrees, allows detecting battlefield support artillery rockets. In addition, a special signal processing system makes it possible to detect small-sized and cruise missiles at low altitudes with terrain following.

In the process of 80K6T development, SPC "Iskra" specialists paid special attention to the mobility of the complex, which consists of two small transport units: one for operators of the radar station and autonomous power generators, and in the second one – for radar equipment. This solution allows 80K6T transportation using light aircraft.

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