Ukrainian Naval Aviation receives Kamov Ka-226 multirole helicopter

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The Ukrainian Naval Aviation expects to receive Kamov Ka-226 multirole helicopter, said Ukrainian entrepreneur and volunteer Daulet Beisembayev.

That was reported by The Defence Blog.

“Ukrainian Naval Aviation will receive a new Ka-226 helicopter, which did not fly for nearly 9 years and was kept all the time in the hangar of the Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant,” Daulet Beisembayev said.

The Kamov Ka-226.50 (serial number 02-03, board number ‘41 yellow‘) was ordered by the government several years ago but were impounded when he arrived in Ukraine due to importation irregularities.

The contract for the delivery of Ka-226.50 helicopter was signed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine (since 2012 – the State Emergency Service of Ukraine) in September 2007 with the Ukrainian ‘Gelaxis’ company, which, in turn, ordered a helicopter to Kumertau Aircraft Production Enterprise (Russia) through the company Cantek Trading Inc. (Canada). But in 2011, the ‘Gelaxis’ company declared itself bankrupt and failed to comply with the terms of the contract and the helicopter was impounded.

After 2014, an initiative group of volunteers, led by Daulet, attempted to return the Ka-226 helicopter to service. They offered to hand over a helicopter to the Ukrainian Naval Aviation, which operates similar Ka-27 helicopters with a coaxial rotor.

According to Daulet Beisembayev, the Ka-226.50 helicopter can increase capabilities of the Ukrainian Naval Aviation which lost most of its aviation fleet during the Russian occupation of Crimea.

The Kamov Ka-226.50 is a light multirole helicopter powered by Rolls-Royce M250 engines. This helicopter was developed both for military and civil customers. Ukraine received Medevac version of the helicopter equipped with stretchers to carry the injured, oxygen cylinders, and the requisite medical equipment.

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