Views on Problematic Issues of Application of Air Force in Air Defense

H. Stepanov, V. Kaminsky, M. Pavlenko
Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine, Kyiv
Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University
Ukrainian Military PagesPhoto by Sergiy Smolentsev

The article explores the problematic issues ensuing the establishment and reformation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It mainly concerns the critical aspects of the application of Air Force in air defense.

It analyses various options to be considered for the best choice of an efficient Air Force control system for coordination of force groupings in the protection of ground troops (forces) and objects from enemy's air strikes. Drawing on the experience of modern armed conflicts, the article conducts an analysis of using a multinational air force grouping and determines alternative options for force application.

It identifies poten-tial critical issues that may arise during the planning and application of Air Force to rebuff the enemy’s offensive air operation as well as viable solutions to resolve these issues. The authors also consider alternative forms to apply Air Force based on U.S. and NATO operational air experience.

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