RPV-16 thermobaric rocket launcher

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The RPV-16 is a thermobaric rocket launcher developed by Ukranian state UkrOboronProm concern and the first time was officially unveiled in July, 2017.

The RPV-16 (Rocket-propelled Infantry Flamethrower 16) man-portable thermobaric weapon developed by State Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Products, a subsidiary of the UkrOboronProm state concern.

The RPV-16 man-portable thermobaric rocket launcher or flamethrower is meant for engagement of enemy’s personnel, placed both openly and in different structures, lightly-armoured and soft-skinned vehicles, destruction of protected buildings, surface and semi-embedded structures of stone, bricks or concrete.

Ukrainian Military Pages

The RPV-16 has effective range is 300 m, maximum sighting range is 1000 m.