Т-72 modernization to the level T-72AMT (VIDEO)

Т-72 modernization to the level T-72AMT

T-72 AMT, an upgraded version of the T-72 main battle tank, was developed at the Kyiv Armored Plant SE based in Ukraine.

Improved mobility by:

  • higher-power engine with a higher operating temperature performance;
  • new drivetrain assemblies;
  • automated digital engine/drivetrain control system;
  • equipment for fording deep water without special preparation.

Increased firepower by:

  • new tank gun with improved ballistic and operation performance;
  • modern fire control system, increasing its day-and-night range and accuracy;
  • new equipment for firing guided missiles - 5 km range.

Inceased armor system:

  • electronic countermeasure equipment;
  • quick-acting fire suppression system;

Improved habitability by:

  • digital radio station with secure communication channels;
  • new air conditioner.

Improved maintainability by:

  • unit for mobile power plant replacement;
  • gun with quick-change barrel;
  • diagnostic equipment.

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