U.S. Army unveils 155mm truck-mounted howitzer

155mm Brutus truck-mounted howitzer

The U.S. Army developed an experimental 155mm truck-mounted howitzer, called the Brutus.

That was reported by Defence Blog.

The photos of experimental truck-mounted howitzer were published on the Facebook page of the 75th Field Artillery Brigade (artillery brigade in the United States Army) on 26 October.

The Brutus is a 155mm truck-mounted howitzer for increased mobility and enhanced firing capabilities. Experimental 155mm howitzer installed on an FMTV 6X6 truck chassis.

Howitzer is capable of using a wide range of ammunition for deployment against protected and unprotected targets. No further details on the type of howitzer have been released.

155mm Brutus truck-mounted howitzer 155mm Brutus truck-mounted howitzerPhoto by 75th Field Artillery Brigade

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