New Computer Center with super computer was opened in Yuzhnoye SDO

New Computer Center with super computer was opened Yuzhnoye SDO

A new Computer Center Yuzhnoye SC (CC) was set into operation in Yuzhnoye SDO with the most powerful super computer in Ukraine. The unique computer was developed specially for solving of engineering and scientific tasks using methods of computational physics.

Heads of enterprises, which are strategic partners of Yuzhnoye SDO, and representatives of all project participants – MTI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, APC, ANSYS and etc. have attended the opening of CC.

The peculiarity of supercomputer is that it provides solution of large number of tasks for a short time, enhanced accuracy of results and possibility to carry out the entire complex of computation tasks in shortest possible periods of time.

The high-performance system of super computer contains a hundred of servers and approximately 4 thousands of computational cores and newest architecture processors. General size of random access memory is approximately 18 terabyte, also storage for data with a size of 200 terabyte is available.

Кб «Південне» відкрило новий обчислювальний центр

All super computer components are joined using special high speed computer network. Moreover, the system is equipped with a hybrid computing servers with new graphic accelerators and separate modules for processing and visualization of big calculation data. The peak performance of super computer is 300 teraflops (Trillion Floating-Point Operations per Second) and this can be compared with the power of one thousand of personal computers operating simultaneously.

The access to such computer power will allow Yuzhnoye SDO’s specialists to study hundreds of technical solutions and implement the most optimal and effective ones, it will also enhance possibilities for implementation of new and non-standard ideas. In other words, commissioning of super computer will gradually increase scientific and technical competitiveness of the enterprise.

Кб «Південне» відкрило новий обчислювальний центр

Opening of Computer Center is just the first phase for implementation of high-production computer technologies. In the future, the productivity of super computer can be doubled and computer infrastructure of CC will become the main platform of Yuzhnoye SDO’s departments electronic activity.

The project was implemented owing to Yuzhnoye SDO’s international commercial contracts, without involvement of state budget funds. Introduction of super computer is a strategic investment of Yuzhnoye SDO not only in its production base, but also in strengthening of scientific and technical capabilities of Ukraine.

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