Ukrainian army received Airborne Systems parachutes

Airborne Systems parachutes

Spetstechnoexport SE has successfully completed a contract for the supply of special purpose paratroop systems and military cargoes airdrop systems from the USA to the Ukrainian Army.

The parachutes and other special equipment manufactured by Airborne Systems North America company will be used by the Airborne Forces of Ukraine, Spetstechnoexport's press-service informs.

Before the military units have started operation of the new paratroop systems, Spetstechnoexport organized trainings for military instructors by specialists of the American company. The Ukrainian militaries have mastered the peculiarities of using and servicing the new equipment.

Taking into account the successful experience of cooperation between Spetstechnoexport and Airborne Systems, the parties are preparing for new projects, which will improve the effectiveness of combat missions held by the Ukrainian air assault forces.

According to Lieutenant General Mykhailo Zabrodskiy, such cooperation is a significant step in the development of Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We have been working closely with Airborne Systems for several years and are very pleased with their products

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