The cost of IFV from the EU includes warranty service

The cost of IFV from the EU includes warranty service

Within 2018, the Spetstechnoexport, which is part of the Ukroboronprom SE, delivered fifty BMP-1s to Ukraine, and there is still the shortage of these vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

That was reported by the Spetstechnoexport State Foreign Trade Enterprise.

A commercial offer confirming the readiness to supply BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine came to the Spetstechnoexport from Petralink Limited in April 2017. In pursuance of the state contract, the Spetstechnoexport SFTE entered into an external economic contract with a foreign company Petralink Limited.

The cost of the offer provided by the Spetstechnoexport to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine regarding the supply of BMP-1 to Ukraine was the lowest among the proposals of both other importers and domestic suppliers.

The cost of delivered BMP-1 also included warranty maintenance of all new armored vehicles by Petralink Limited on the territory of Ukraine for a long time of their operation. This work is still performed by the representatives of the foreign company.

The price of one BMP-1 after overhaul and with zero haulage delivered by Spetstechnoexport company from the European Union is equivalent to the cost of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine only on the repair of one of its own armored vehicle.

Photo by Alice Biryukova

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