Upgraded Tanks for Ukrainian Soldiers (VIDEO)

ЛБТЗ передав військовим 15 одиниць військової техніки

Eight T-64BV tanks, two T-72Bs, three GPM-54 fire tanks and two armored repair and crew vehicles were transferred over by the Lviv Armored Plant to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on July 30.

This was reported by UATV.UA.

“We have a serious program this year because repairing four types of armored vehicles is of course very hard. And this is the first year since we mastered repairing and modernization of our main battle tank T-64,” Lviv Armored Plant director Viktor Andrushchuk said.

Andrushchuk showed off how a T-64 looks before repairs. It takes just a month of work to get all its parts fixed and upgraded.

“We got this machine for repairs from the army, specifically from the 24th Brigade. You can see its state, it has clearly been in action. We will have to replace the cannon, engine, old observation devices, day and night vision scopes. Everything will be replaced. We will also install new radio comms stations and navigation equipment,” Andrushchuk said.