LITPOLUKRBRIG partakes in the Agile Spirit 2019 exercises

Agile Spirit 2019

Fourteen NATO member countries and Alliance partners are currently participating in The Multinational Exercise Agile Spirit 2019, from July 27 to August 10, 2019, in Georgia.

More than three thousand military personnel from Georgia, the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Montenegro, Norway, and Turkey, including twenty-three officers from LITPOLUKRBRIG are present there.

The Multinational military exercise is being held at three test sites located in different parts of the country: Senaki base, Vaziani  and ORPHOLO Training Area. 

LITPOLUKRBRIG (Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade) is partaking in the Multinational Military Exercise Agile Spirit 2019 as HICON (Higher Control) for all the Primary Training Audience.

Together with the US Army Europe and the Georgian Joined HQ, LITPOLUKRBRIG is one of the main players during the exercise preparation phase contributing to Exercise planning, Scenario and the operational order development.

Agile Spirit 2019

The exercise is focused on enhancing interoperability, training and improving operational capabilities of the exercise participants during the planning and execution of operations in real time in a multinational environment. 

Agile Spirit 2019 is combined Command, Staff and Field Training Exercise that was initiated to build multinational, regional, combined and joint partnership capacity.

LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer
Lieutenant Olena Slobodianiuk (UKR)